Alpha 3.74 released!

Friday, October 16th, 2020
Triton survival Alpha 3.74

Hi, I released the alpha version 3.74 adding a feature that many players had asked about:

- Input remapping system built into the main menu and also at in game menu. This new feature has required adapting the interface and a large part of the code that controls the movement of the player, the vehicles and also the management of menus.

This feature allows you to reconfigure the game controls and use the mouse, keyboard or gamepad. In this way, everyone can choose the controls with which they are most familiar or are most comfortable playing.

- Fixed minor bugs.

I continue working hard!

Best regards, DreamsSoftGames.

Alpha 3.72 released!

Wednesday, September 9th, 2020
Triton survival Alpha 3.72

Yes, Kickstarter failed but I continue working hard!

I released the alpha version 3.72 with some new features:

- Modified window wood walls. Now you can shoot through the windows to defend your base.

- Fixed bug to allow firing with increased rotation up or down to improve defense when shooting from the walkways of the walls.

- Optimization of loading times.

- Vehicle is automatically repositioned if you roll it over.

- Fixed minor bugs.

I continue working hard!

Best regards, DreamsSoftGames.

Alpha 3.7 released

Friday, September 4th, 2020
Triton survival Alpha 3.7

Hi, I just released version 3.7.

This version, in addition to correcting some bugs, incorporates some places of interest to explore and loot, a higher level of small details in the terrain, with the incorporation of small groups of stones, which give greater relief, realism and variety to the terrain.

Another added feature is that if you decide to press the button to start a test horde, a provisional base will be created (it will disappear at the end of the horde) that will allow you to test the defense of the base from the walls, incorporating some defense elements such as mines ground or automatic turrets.

I continue working hard!

Best regards, DreamsSoftGames.

Triton Survival NOW LIVE on Kickstarter!

Friday, July 10th, 2020
Triton survival now live on KickStarter

Triton Survival NOW LIVE on Kickstarter!

For a limited time, the first backers can access higher rewards for a reduced price. But this offer will only be available the first 10 days of the campaign, so if you are interested in supporting Triton Survival, do not miss this exclusive opportunity.

You will find more detailed information regarding the campaign in the following link: CLICK HERE!

Best regards, DreamsSoftGames.

Only 3 DAYS LEFT to launch the Kickstarter's campaign for Triton Survival!

Tuesday, July 7th, 2020
Triton survival on KickStarter next July 10

Only 3 DAYS LEFT to launch the Kickstarter's campaign for Triton Survival!

Kickstarter page: CLICK HERE!

With your help I will give the final push to the development of Triton Survival!

Best regards, DreamsSoftGames.

Only 1 week left to start the campaign on Kickstarter!

Friday, July 3rd, 2020
Triton survival on KickStarter next July 10

Hi, The time for the release of the Triton Survival campaign on Kickstarter is approaching: July 10, 2020.

In the campaign there will be rewards at a lower price for those backers who support it early.

You can click on "Notify me on launch" to be the first to know about the exclusive rewards to be offered on Kickstarter!

With your support it will be possible to achieve the ambitious objectives for the game, incorporate many more options and new content.

Best regards, DreamsSoftGames.

Kickstarter campaign launching July 10!

Friday, June 26th, 2020
Triton survival on KickStarter next July 10

Hi, next July 10 the Triton Survival crowdfunding campaign will start through Kickstarter to give the final boost to this project.

The campaign video will show unpublished content from the next update as well as details about the circumstances that have influenced its development process.

You can click on "Notify me on launch" to be the first to know about the exclusive rewards to be offered on Kickstarter!

Best regards, DreamsSoftGames.

Working on KickStarter Campaign!

Saturday, June 13th, 2020
Triton survival working on KickStarter Campaign

Hi, In the next few days we are going to launch a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter in order to give the final push to our project.

More work still needs to be done on some aspects of the game, so the campaign will help meet this goal in the shortest amount of time and even spend more time adding new content to the game.

Among the objectives of the campaign will be localization of the game to a greater number of languages, as well as making versions to publish the game on different consoles.

More details about this campaign will follow shortly.

Best regards, DreamsSoftGames.

Alpha 3.3 released!

Friday, May 15th, 2020
Triton survival alpha 3.3 released

These are the patch notes of our new release, Alpha 3.3:

- Added the possibility to modify the player's trajectory with each new impulse of the jetpack, which will allow to change direction in the air depending on the orientation of the camera.

- Decreased the amount of resources needed to repair structures and the vehicle, as well as to build wooden structures.

- Fixed bug that caused fast and unwanted turns in the vehicle turret at certain turning angles.

- Fixed bug that removed items from the skillbar or created them in empty slots.

- Fixed bug to allow spike barricade structures to be placed closer to other structures.

- Fixed bug that caused saving a barricade on inventory creating a different structure.

- Fixed bug in the LOD system of some rocks that only showed when they were very close.

- Added double layer texture on some tree trunks when cut and fall.

- Fixed bug to prevent portal energy from zeroing.

- Fixed bug for disappearance of fragments of some destroyed structures, which never disappeared.

- Elimination of damage particles when repairing the vehicle.

- Fixed bug that caused the player to walk through the air when jumping, before hitting the ground.

- Delay in interval of exit of enemies when passing near some plants and reduced their number.

We continue working hard!


Alpha 3.2.5 released!

Friday, April 24th, 2020
Triton survival alpha 3.2.5 released

Hi again!

These are the patch notes of our new release, Alpha 3.2.5:

- To promote the building of wooden structures, we have reduced the materials necessary to craft them.

- When you enter on crafting menus, the items that you can craft will be highlighted in green and those that you cannot craft in red, due to insufficient level or insufficient resources.

- Added red text of "full inventory" on crafting menus. It will be shown when pressing the cratf button, provided that the inventory does not have empty slots or does not support more weight.

- The empty slots will be shown on the inventory menu.

- We have reduced the size of the images of the items necessary to manufacture, avoiding the overlapping of images on the crafting menus.

- Fixed the bug of not stopping the heartbeat when dying.

- Added the possibility of collecting more than 1 item at same time with the interact button. For example, some enemies will provide more pieces of meat by killing them.

- Added 2 new savegame-slots.

We continue working hard!


Alpha 3.2 released!

Tuesday, April 14th, 2020
Triton survival alpha 3.2 released

Hi, again! In a few days we are making many modifications to the game. These are the patch notes of our new release: These are the patch notes of the ALPHA 3.2:

- We have modified the scale of the menus on the game and on main menu to allow them to be displayed correctly in a greater variety of resolutions, as well as panoramic resolutions.

- We have created 4 new zones with more iron around the Portal zone. This will allow us to manually gather this precious resource more quickly (as long as we do not have underground mineral extractors).

- We have created 2 new zones with Magnetite around the Portal zone. Explore!

- We have also added some small fluorescent fragments to the iron to facilitate its location in the distance, especially at night.

- Although it is not yet possible to redefine keyboard controls, we have created a key mapping for the PC numeric keyboard. Now you can move and perform the most common actions of the game from that part of the keyboard also.

- Added a sound when accept changes on graphics menu on main menu.

- Modified the smoke of the pneumatics of the vehicle, again.

- Dead enemies react to the impacts of the player's shots and punches.

- Added info message of "Player Dead".

- Upon player death, radiation, oxygen, hunger and thirst are initialized, in addition to maximum health.

- Lower fuel consumption in torches.

- Enemies will surround the base of the car and the Atomic particle accelerator when attacking the portal.

- Inventory will show the number of empty slots. As the inventory fills up, the color of the text will change and it will flash if it is almost full.

- Added a shiny part on the head of the snakes to facilitate their location among the vegetation.

- Fixed a bug with some spawn/despawn rocks.

- Fixed a bug with sun intensity on afternoon.

- Fixed some bugs on graphics menu transitions on main menu.

Best regards, DreamsSoftGames.

Alpha 3.1.5 released!

Saturday, April 11th, 2020
Triton survival alpha 3.15 released

Hi, alpha 3.1.5 released today. This version fix and improve some features of our new Alfa 3. These are the patch notes of the ALPHA 3.1 and ALPHA 3.15:

- Increased number of horde enemies.

- Fixed an overlap between menus.

- Fixed a text in wrong language.

- Fixed a bug with loading lighting after noon.

- The angle of rotation of the wooden fences has been increased to allow greater flexibility in the design of structures.

- Redesign of some areas of the scenery, adding a greater number of elements, as well as vegetation.

- Modified the smoke of the pneumatics of the vehicle so that it rises less.

We continue to work hard!

DreamsSoftGames Team.

Alpha 3 released!

Wednesday, April 8th, 2020
Triton survival alpha 3 released

We are very happy to achieve another of the goals in the development of our game. After several months of hard work, today we launch the Alpha 3.0.

As we anticipated, this version is focused on building your bases around the portal, which will allow to give good protection to all the structures you have created, such as light generators, resource containers, lights and other elements.

Of course, nothing will prevent you from being able to build structures in other areas of Triton or even on other planets, when they are implemented, allowing you to have several bases to store resources, vehicles, weapons or other elements that may be useful to you in these places.

You will be able to build more primitive structures (with simpler and less resistant materials) until you get more advanced structures (with more elaborate materials and with greater resistance), as you improve your player level and get enough resources.

Of course, we will continue working to improve and incorporate more structures in the following versions of the game.

We continue to work hard. Our best wishes!


Alpha 3 will be released on April 8, 2020!

Saturday, March 28th, 2020
Triton survival alpha 3.0 release date

We have already scheduled the release date of the new Alpha 3.0. It will be on Wednesday, April 8, 2020.

The Alpha 2.0 expanded the size of the sceneries, which enabled the exploration of Triton to be enhanced, new locations were added and the possibility of traveling with an armed vehicle was added.

The Alpha 3.0 manages to enhance the building capabilities of your base. From the most primitive structures (with simpler and less resistant materials) to the most advanced structures (with more elaborate materials and with greater resistance) you will allow to give good protection to the Portal of Triton against invasions by enemy waves.

As the player improves his level and his abilities, he can create more advanced structures. The resistance to the attacks of enemy hordes will be greater and will allow a better protection of your Portal.

Since there is no limitation of buildable areas on stage, you can create structures wherever you want. This will allow you to have other bases in other parts of the planet and other planets, with your energy systems, resource extraction, storage and defense.

We continue working so that Alpha 3.0 can be liked by all who follow our project.


New volumetric ambient lighting on Alpha 3.0

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020
Triton survival volumetric lights

Hi, we are working on improving the general visual aspect of the game. We have improved some elements of the scenary, as well as added some floating islets.

We have also added a new volumetric ambient lighting system that provides a more attractive atmosphere to Triton, as well as giving a much more alien look to the planet.

We hope that these improvements, together with the building capabilities that we are adding, contribute to the Alpha 3 version substantially improving the previous versions of the game.

We continue working hard!

Best regards, DreamsSoftGames.

Triton Survival is compatible with GeForce Now of Nvidia!

Thursday, February 27th, 2020
Triton survival available Geforce now Nvidia

Hi, we are glad that our game, Triton Survival, is available through GeForce Now, the NVIDIA cloud-based game streaming service, which allows you to play in real time directly from any device.


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